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·Food Packaging Machine> POF Shrink Machine

POF shrink characteristics

íˇ Use environmentally friendly materials, heat-sealing will not produce toxic, noxious gases, in line with the U.S. FDA;
íˇ Good sealing performance, and adaptable to a wide range of heat sealing, good solderability at low temperature;
íˇ Due to the unique three-layer composite compartment oxygen layer, gas-tight and difficult to breathable, barrier is good, and difficult to contaminated with dust;
íˇ Proportion is light, the actual accounting of cost is low, good flexibility, strong tensile strength, resistant of shock, not easy to break;
íˇ High transparency, gloss is good, can improve product packaging grades;
íˇ At low temperatures to minus 20 degrees Celsius remain soft and will not be hard or crisp, strong resistance to low temperature, not easy to aging;
íˇ Good performance in heat-sealing ,easy operation, not easy to cut film, suitable for high-speed packaging machine.

Sealing and Cutting Machine Series    
A new generation of high-speed POF Automatic Sealing and Cutting Machine
5035L-type sealing and cutting machine

Stainless steel shrink machine series

Stainless Steel FM-5540 two in one shrink machine
Stainless Steel 480250 Shrink Machine
Stainless Steel Label Shrink Machine

Standard shrink machine series

DK-480250 efficient Shrink Machine
FM-5540 standard two in one shrink machine
  FM-5540A conveyor two in one shrink machine